About Us

All Island Banana Growers Association

The All Island Banana Growers Association Limited (AIBGA Ltd.) was established in 1946 and has been a duly registered, non-profit organization in Jamaica, since August of 1956. It seeks to ultimately provide support and assistance to the banana and plantain growers of Jamaica through promotion, encouragement, lobbying and instituting measures to protect their interests and economic and social well-being as well as their households. The company aims to promote and develop a sustainable banana and plantain industry to achieve this by:

  • Providing representation to government and non-government organizations.
  • Ensuring adequate supplies of specialized inputs to farmers and identifying market possibilities.
  • Working in collaboration with other agencies and our suppliers in endeavouring to access and pass on any new and emerging technologies that can impact the sector.
  • Ensuring transparency in all our activities.
  • Pursuing policies designed to strengthening the organization and in so doing seeks to attract investors in the industry.(Click to see Memorandum of Association ). 



The All Island Banana Growers Association was established in 1946 to be the first institution for expansion and input supplies in the banana industry. The AIBGA encouraged the growth of banana and plantain and was supported by the District Branches and Area councils.

Though the All Island Banana Growers Association was self-financed in its early years it was able to support the expansion and input materials services from their strong network of stores. In later years the government supported them with a cess as well as extra support from the Banana Board which donated some of the proceeds from export sales. In the period of 1985_2008 however the institution took a turn for the worst when the Banana Export Company (BECo) started supporting the expansion service with a subvention as well as the Banana Trading Company (BTC) facilitation of the input supplies caused the closure of several AIBGA farm stores. In 2009 both the BECo and the BTC ceased operations.
The All Island Banana Growers Association was restructured with vibrant District Branches, Area Councils and Board of Directors AIBGA was re-capitated in 2012 and is now prepared to reclaim its place as the islands premier banana growers association.