Currently, the AIBGA is in a transitionary juncture to satisfy the needs of its members and improve the delivery of its service. 

A grant funding from the European Union in 2012 was used to complete a project and realised the following improvements:

  • Infrastructural development and modernization of stores.
  • Computer systems to enhance inventory management.
  • Training in customer service, governance and technical skills for AIBGA employees
  • Training of banana growers (management skills) and their employees to increase production and productivity.
  • Procurement of motor vehicle and maintenance
  • Development of marketing plan to promote business opportunities in the banana industry; and
  • Establish and/or augment linkages between members, agro processors and consumers.


Presently the AIBGA is implementing the latest project by the European Union, the Banana Accompanying Measures (BAMs) programme with the purpose to create a sustainable industry. 

Activities to be achieved:

  • Establishment of commercial entity.
  • Introduction of bulk purchasing of input supplies and pass these benefits directly to the farmers.
  • Creation of a revolving credit scheme for members that supplies fruit through the production clusters to the Association.
  • Establishment of production clusters to administer the collection and sale of bananas to the organization.
  • Development of value added products to create new markets and reduce spoilage and surplus and increase revenue.
  • Creation of a logistic system to efficiently transport fruits, value added products and input supplies to required destinations.
  • Positioning of the organization to accept responsibilities for the technical support to the banana industry services by 2017.


Title: Supporting Capacity Enhancement of Jamaica’s Banana Industry through the Country’s All Island Banana Growers Association (AIBGA)

Date Implemented: 2012

Location: Portland, St. Thomas, St. Mary, St. Catherine, Clarendon, St. James

Duration: 12 Months

Budget: J$22,000,000 .00

Overall objective:

  •  To contribute to the sustainable development of the Jamaica banana/plantain industry through the efficient production and marketing of bananas; thus, improving income levels of beneficiaries beyond those which were achieved prior to the decline of the banana industry.
  • To subsequently advance the country’s economy by improving the comparativeness and comparative advantage of the AIBGA members.

Specific objective:

  • To increase the educational levels of the AIBGA’s beneficiaries through the use of training aimed at engendering an understanding, and adopt pertinent technical, technological and practical skills for use in the farmers’ productive processes.
  • To utilize improved technologies to increase production and productivity of bananas/plantains, thereby improving the capacity to command a greater share of an existing and consistently growing market;

Estimated results: Cooperative management and re-engagement of leadership, improved infrastructure, mobilization of financial resources.

Main activities: Group dynamics, promotion of business opportunities in the banana/plantain industry. Facilitate the ripening centers and marketing of banana/plantains and other products.


  •   Improved membership and improve service delivery.
  • Improved infrastructure development and modernization of stores
  • Acquisition and installation of Computer Software and Hardware improvement to assist with inventory management
  •  Training of AIBGA employees in customer service, governance and technical skills
  • Training of banana growers (management skills) and their employees in good agricultural  practices towards obtaining increased yields, utilization of improved techniques, better use of available technology and conservation of the environment and provision of processing equipment
  • Provision of motor vehicle
  • Development of marketing plan to promote business opportunities in the banana industry and to establish market linkages.


Implementation Period: 2013-15

Location: Portland, St. Thomas, St. Mary, St. Catherine, Clarendon, St. James

Duration: 18 Months

Budget: €1.70Mil

Overall Objective:

The overall objective of the BAMs is to combat poverty and improves revenues the banana dependent areas through achieving the purpose or specific objectives, namely:

  1. Improving the productivity and resilience of small farmers.
  2. Strengthening the link between small farmers and markets.


Implementing Entity: Ministry of Agriculture through RADA


Expected Results:

  1. Increased production and Productivity in farms and agri-business
  2. Reinforced sustainability of extension and other technical services
  3. Increased availability of disease resistant and high quality planting material
  4. Improved cooperation and coordination of small farmers to supply markets


Specific result: All Island Banana Growers Association (AIBGA) capacitated and strengthened.

Main Activities:

 Provision of Technical Assistance to AIBGA

  • Project Management Expertise
  • Financial Management Assistance
  • Procurement Training and Assistance


Establishment of a Commercial Entity for the AIBGA

  • Provision of a General/Operations Manager
  • Provision of an Accountant/Procurement Officer
  • Provision of a Marketing Manager and Officers (2)
  • Provision of an administrative Assistant & Drivers (2)
  • Setting up of Operational Procedures – Credit Schemes, General Operations
  • Procurement of Supplies for Stores


Strengthening of District Branches into production clusters

  • Contracting of Technical Experts – Marketing, Capacity Building.
  • Creation/Organizing of Production Clusters and Farmer Cooperatives
  • Training and Development as well as capacity building for Cooperatives
  • Production of an Operational Manual for clusters


Infrastructural Improvement for Stores and facilities

  • Relocation of Oil Tanks
  • Equipment and containers
  • Construction of Value Added Facility
  • Provision of cold Storage Trucks


Improved cooperation and coordination of small farmers to supply markets

  • Establish market links with suppliers facilitate increase market linkages
  • Create value added products.
  • Brand establishment and marketing strategy