Why Join?

The AIBGA exclusively represents the interests of Jamaican banana/plantain growers.

Reasons to join us are:

* Access to industry information.

* The AIBGA assists with key industry events of interest to banana growers and provide discounts where possible, e.g. AIBGA members receive discounts on input supplies and the use of its ripening rooms.

* The AIBGA exclusively represents the interest of banana/plantain growers and is the voice on industry issues, including marketing initiatives.

The AIBGA works on issues of crucial importance to the survival and growth of the Jamaican banana industry including:

* Protecting Jamaica’s banana industry including from foreign banana imports

* Banana marketing – achieving demand for Jamaican bananas and recognition of their value as high quality, healthy, nutritious food

* Ensuring ample input supply accessibility and appropriate farming practice

* Effective communications with partners (local and international) and key stakeholders including policy makers and key-decision makers

* Ensuring fair and sustainable market for banana/plantain growers’ produce and a future for our industry.